Auto Parts

When a car part on your vehicle breaks down, or you decide that it’s time for a replacement, you may find that buying new parts can make quite the dent in your bank account. Auto parts are not cheap purchases and many spend more money on new car parts than they should. For these reasons, Triangle Used Auto Parts offers an extensive selection of used auto parts for the drivers in the Paterson, NJ area. With us, you can get the same high quality used car parts for less!

Our used auto parts store carries all that you need to keep your vehicle up to par. Whether you’re looking for new brakes, used transmissions or suspension parts, we’ve got a wide selection of brands that are sure to suit your automotive needs. We strive to be the chosen junk yard in all of Paterson, NJ, and we only want to provide our customers the best of the best.

No matter what auto parts you’re looking for, you’re sure to find them here at Triangle Used Auto Parts . Stop on by today!